Really great trainer! His training style is personalized to whatever we felt our dog needed help with. He’s very fair in his pricing (which is always great) and he was always willing to accommodate us when we needed to reschedule or change up the appointment time. He gave us a lot of great tools to work with our dog and in 4 sessions we saw a lot of improvement!

Marisela and Alex

James does an assessment of your dog before beginning any training and begins working with your dog only after characterizing and discussing his observations. He is stern without being overbearing and has a keen eye for behavior needing correction with both the dog, and more importantly, the owner(s). We learn a great deal from James during and after every session.

Bob and Lynne

In three lesson James has helped our Lab mix puppy Sanders so much. He has taught our pup how to focus and given us tools as owners to continue good behavior. James has not only helped Sanders have more focus, learn to play better, but has also taught us how to be better owners to Sanders. We will continue training through James, and highly recommend him to anyone!

Danielle and Nathan

James has been great! We have an 8-month old cattle dog who was having, what we thought, was aggressive issues with other dogs, both on and off the leash. Within the first 5 min James identified that while our pup is showing aggression it’s coming from anxiety. Once that was pointed out it all fell into place. We’ve seen a great improvement in only 3 lessons and while we know that this won’t all go away with in 4 lessons, James has given us tools to help build up his confidence. I’m so happy we found James! His rates are amazing and because of that I’m confident we will be taking our pup for more than the original 4 sessions we booked.

Elizabeth S.

I have a very small, high energy pom puppy that has decided he is so adorable that he can get away with anything. And yes, he is adorable but some of his behaviors definitely are not. James took a very calm and patient approach with my puppy and within the first training session my little guy happily followed James’ every instruction for sit, stay, and down. James showed me what I needed to work on with my puppy and then watched me to make sure I was doing it correctly. James also helped us correct my puppy’s toileting issues and I have been cleaning up far fewer “accidents” —yea! Our training practices have gone really well this week and I can’t wait for our next training session.

If you need a wonderful dog trainer who will respect you and your dog while helping to instill desirable behaviors, James is the one!

Fran S.

I highly recommend STS if you need help training your dogs. We have two Aussie Minis. That are litter mates and very energetic. We called and James came out the same day. He spent over an hour evaluating our needs. He is very knowledgeable. His extensive experience shows as he works with the puppies. He trained us as well as the dogs.

Clyde and Willene

James was very helpful with advice and training tips for my rescue pup. His calm, positive approach was reassuring. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Kris Y.

So far, I have nothing but great results from my lessons with James. He gives great feedback while working with you and your dog. I would recommend him.

Phat V.

James is amazing! With the free consultation, I feel better than before about my dog and his behavior. James showed us some new skills to implement along with new tools and boundaries. If you need a trainer or someone to work with you and your dog contact James. He’ll make a difference with the first meeting!

Brianne Z.

James was very helpful and was always on time. I did the basic training with my Belgian Malinois and plan on using Standard Training Solutions for bite and protection training in the future.

Manuel H.

I desperately needed help for my dog Honi she’s very aggressive so bad that whenever I walk her and we see people or pet I have to carry her and walk the other way. That kept her from walking/exercising and that gives her a lot of energy to ruined the house and separation anxiety for being at home all the time. My main concern is trying to get rid of her separation anxiety and her to get enough exercise.

I didn’t know where to start so I went to yelp and looked for a dog trainer, that’s where I found James. I told him my concerns and I explained how Honi might be impossible to train but James didn’t seem to mind the challenge so when we met at the park he actually sat me down and got to know us and tried to figure out the root of the problem, while watching how Honi interact with people and pets. I didn’t really know what to expect since this is the first time I am seeking professional help.

I appreciate how James didn’t go straight to training Honi he actually study and try to gain her trust before even start going near her. Before we ended our first training he told me that he is almost certain that he can fix honi’s anxiety since it very similar to his pet. James would give you assignments to make sure that you’re doing your part at home. every training is an Hour long however, he doesn’t rush you and he knows when your pet is exhausted he might end it sooner and add another day to make up time. his patience with honi is admirable, he would actually seat on the ground to help her calm down and when he sees that she’s ready he would teach her how to be confident again and when he sees that Honi got it he would pass her to me and coach us.

Working with James totally changed what I thought I knew about my baby! I cannot express how much I appreciate James and everything he thought us! thanks again James!

Dhemie A.

I reached out to the top four Yelp rated Dog Trainers in Sacramento and was most impressed with James very detailed and quick initial responses to my questions. Based on his background in the military, I was half expecting a drill Sargent- but he is so sweet and gentle with our Australian Cattle Dog. Our Kanga has had some trauma in her life and after adopting her from the shelter we knew we needed help. After four sessions with James, Kanga is dramatically improved on the Leash and appears to have overcome her fear of bicycles. We plan to continue now with group classes. So happy we chose James!

Sarah L.

I highly recommend James. We were looking for a dog trainer to help us with our 3 year old Chihuahua mix who we recently rescued. Our pup has some trust issues after being found in a home w 40 other dogs. James was extremely professional. He immediately replied to my messages and answered all my questions. He had a last minute cancellation so we were able to get an appointment quickly. He spent over an hour evaluating our dog at a local park and giving us lots of terrific recommendations. There was no pressure to sign up for future training. In fact he suggested we hold off for a few weeks and work on the techniques he gave us. We’ve already seen a positive change in our dog. We will definitely be signing our little guy up for additional training in a few weeks.

Mark H.

James is an amazing and professional dog trainer! This is truly his passion and he really helped not only my family, but also our 1-year-old dog in her training and recovery. Before James’s service, our dog Gracie was emotionally unstable due to the abuse of her previous owners and was uncontrollable. With James’s help, he was not only able to help us train her within our first meeting, but also supported us as a family in what we need to do to be better as owners to our pet. I can truly say, that Gracie has had a positive change in behavior after our training sessions with James. I would strongly recommend his services and would refer him to anyone I know.

Danica D.

I was searching for a good dog trainer in the area for Panda because he had moderately bad anxiety. Panda was afraid of everything to the point he wouldn’t go on walks outside the house anymore. I decided on James because he’s very gentle and patient with me and Panda. Within only a month and 4 private lessons from James, Panda has become more confident. I’ve been continuing the obedience training at home and it’s been 2 months since the last dog training and Panda has improved so much you’d think he’s a different dog. My roommates now praise him “Panda’s a well behaved dog”.  James has helped me better understand Panda, and most importantly, he was the catalyst that created a strong bond between me and my doggy.

Michele C.

James was very personable and adaptable to the situation. He actually came over to my house for the initial visit and decided that my dog did not need any further training. He did not charge me! He explained my dog’s behavior and gave me tips on how to improve performance. He is trustworthy and professional. I will be taking my dog to his socialization classes at the park. Thanks James!

Mike V.

James is amazing. He is so flexible and has exceptional communication skills with us and the dogs. He gave us the skills to work with our Bull mastiff and Shepherd mix. The best part is that he’s affordable and reliable. If we could give 6 stars we would. We will be taking any future dogs to him. I highly suggest him.

Tawni L.

James is very thoroughly, knowledgeable, patient and kind. He worked with my puppy Vern and I to help us learn how to walk on a leash together and a few basics (sit, stay, down). He has made himself available for questions outside of our time together. I highly recommend working with him.

Natali T.

Just completed a successful training series with James for our puppy. James is very patient, answered my million questions and taught me how to to decode my pup’s behavior and be firm and consistent in the techniques. He even met us at the dog park to introduce us to the experience of meeting other dogs in a new setting! We thank James for his guidance and coaching on getting our puppy more disciplined!

Sunitha B.

James has been a fantastic trainer with our dog, a high drive german shepherd/akita mix rescued from a shelter. James helped us establish basic commands (sit, down, stay) and achieve loose leash walking without a harness within a few lessons. James is extremely competent and approaches the training with calm confidence. He has given us strategies to continue to work with him on our own and just been all around great resource. Highly recommend him as a trainer and look forward to attending his group classes.

Casey L.

First time dog owner and in just one short visit James helped us understand how to communicate with our 3 month old German Shepard Lab pup. Love those “Aha!” Moments. James provides positive energy, patience and lots of support, can’t wait to have more sessions!

Peggy C.

James is a wonderful trainer.  My goldendoodle was very hyperactive and didn’t listen at all.  By the time she finished her training with James, she is  now walking on a leash without pulling; listening to commands; and can stay focused for some period of time. I would highly recommend James to anyone that is looking for a really good dog trainer.

Mary K.

My daughter’s Yorkie mix hated and feared all dogs.  He has bitten other dogs in my home. It was impossible for any other dogs to come to my home or walk him at the park. I did the work James asked and not only did it help my daughter’s dog, but it enabled us to rescue a dog which I am certain would not have been possible without his help.  Cannot thank him enough.  Just do not give up!!

Sherry V.