Group Dog Training

Group Dog Training Classes

Join the JTS group dog training classes every Saturday at 12pm.  These classes are a great way to socialize dogs in a controlled setting.  In order to help socialize dogs, each class includes 10 to 15 dogs and handlers.  Also, the dogs in each class can range from small puppies to large Great Danes.

These courses are designed for dogs and owners with previous training experience.  During class, we focus on mastering dog training topics such as pack mentality.   In addition to learning how to socialize dogs, we also cover topics such as helping dogs manage fearful situations, and exposing dogs to all of the wonders our great city offers.  Whenever the weather allows, classes are held at various dog parks throughout the Greater Sacramento Area.  Besides dog training, these classes are also a great way to get out and meet other friendly dogs and dog owners in your neighborhood.  To learn more, call 916-949-2447!

Need something different then group training?  We also provide dog obedience training classes focusing on puppy, basic, or advanced dog training.  Our behavior modification classes handle special issues (for example severe anxiety, severe fear, aggression, lunging / growling, biting, potty training issues, etc).  Please feel free to call or email me about any issues related to dog training classes or dog issues in general.  I’m always happy to help!

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